Bad Box Art Jam

Just saw this notice for the Bad Box Art Jam over at gamejolt. March 25th - 27th.

48 hours seems like WAAAAY too much time to put a game together. But the game boxes they chose for the jam are pretty outrageous. I'd say it's well worth a look.

I'm off work that weekend so I will see if I can make a game for each of the box arts they have in their Gallery...

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I support your ambitious

I support your ambitious goal! Best of luck.

Many of these box covers are not bad... just misunderstood!

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Kinda disappointed by the

Kinda disappointed by the actual gameplay of Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy after seeing that box-art.

Trevor McFur

Nothing left to do clyde but rectify that situation the only way you know how: MAKE THE GAME.

I'd feel the same way too if I played that version of Donkey Kong, which has Mr. Do on the cover.