All So Green: A Knytt level for St. Patrick's Day

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For this St. Patrick's Day I thought I'd make a tiny Knytt Story in celebration of the holiday. It's very short, only 4 screens big, and there's no ending, either. Still, I hope you enjoy it, in this season of vaguely green-themed cheer and good will.

(Sergio, I'm working on that thing, okay?)

Healy - All So Green.knytt_.bin535.94 KB


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Really nice screen

Really nice screen construction, ambiance, etcetera. You have such a knack for implying a wider world.

Also, I appreciate the update on the enigmatic thing. I hope you don't feel a sense of obligation, though, work on whatever you want!

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a pleasing little place, i

a pleasing little place, i enjoy your stuff