Untitled Puzzlescript Diary

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new things until i feel like i've done everything i can

EDIT:updated with level 5
EDIT: some bugs fixed, level 5 redesigned (current level 6 is placeholder)

EDIT: Wow, it's amazing how i didn't realize how one of the mechanics was completely broken. I spent a large amount of time trying things out and trying to fix it, but because i did all this programming stuff that went nowhere i decided to make a level that contrasted that
level 6 added, bugs with walls fixed

EDIT: added a different level 7, adjusted my goals to just playing around with what i haven't done yet, because before i was abandoning ideas when they didn't feel great, and great is a good thing to strive towards but i'll settle for mildly interesting for now
EDIT: level 8 added, probably i'm done with the idea after 2 or 3 more levels, unless i were to add something different and cut or modify some or all of the existing levels

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i like it!

i like it!

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The concept of a

The concept of a Puzzlescript diary is so interesting. The mechanics and graphics you've chosen are very 'you' as well, bizarre and extremely distinct, which is a rarity as Puzzlescript's aesthetic typically dominates games made with it.

Level 5 was the first genuine challenge I faced, and it made me understand the strange rules you've set a lot better. I really look forward to the remaining updates.

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a very encouraging response,

a very encouraging response, thanks
the diary thing came from stuff i wrote in the source, now commented out, that was going to be in the game as well but i decided to stop it, right now i'm not sure the title fits anymore, but maybe

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I think it's still quite

I think it's still quite thematically apt! Your development process is like writing in something every day, and people can check the source for the more literal meaning. But I'm hardly going to stop you from renaming an untitled work.

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I think having the word

I think having the word 'diary' in the title is a very good thing. It makes me search for personal meaning inside the game design.

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i have contrasting feelings

i have contrasting feelings about personal meaning in games. i guess when i play them i'm usually inclined to things that aren't personal in an emotional way, as there are good games with some sort of specific personal context, but if it's not the primary idea, it's often kind of distracting if it's just thrown in.

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Two pixels of the half wall

Two pixels of the half wall graphic change when a half body moves through it (both left and right sides). I think the standard tile (as opposed to the one with the player sprite) is the one in need of adjustment.

Here's another odd wall bug. I discovered another that was similar to this but forgot how to reproduce it, it consisted of moving a right half body through a right half body sized wall that lacked the dark top row of pixels that 'non-active' walls typically have. I must admit I still haven't figured out how to solve this level.

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first part was intentional

first part was intentional because of bug-checking, and i left it because i liked it, maybe i'll change it back. about the second thing, i didn't notice, thanks for noticing that. the 7th part is currently impossible, i think, i left it there because i was still trying to figure out how i'd like to change it

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ah cool - i like the level

ah cool - i like the level progression :) good stuff!

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thanks for making the tool!

thanks for making the tool! i realized i hadn't said that in the puzzlescript thread, but it's gotten pretty rewarding to figure stuff out. had a weird learning curve for me to figure out the stuff that wasn't specified in the documentation, but a different interesting sort of experience once i got past that.