The Internet Archive DOSBox File Browser

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So, you're messing around at the Internet Archive, and suddenly you find you've made a sweet Jetpack level, or an excellent Klik & Play game. You're super proud! You want to save it for posterity, or share it with the world!

But, you can't. It's saved _somehow_ on your hard drive so that you can keep messing with it when you visit the page again, but you don't have any way of accessing it!


Introducing the Internet Archive DOSBox File Browser!

Simply drag the following link up to your bookmarks bar: File Browser

Then, when using your favourite Internet Archive DOSBox-emulated program, click the "File Browser" bookmarklet to show a pop-up at the top of the page that allows you to easily traverse the DOS filesystem. Clicking on a file will cause your browser to bring up a download dialog to save it! (Right-click-and-save-as doesn't currently work.)

Possible future enhancements:

  • Upload files INTO the DOSBox filesystem
  • Inline text file / image / WAV viewer
  • Download entire directories as ZIP files
  • Let me know what else would be cool??

* Update: Now hosted on the Internet Archive itself!


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Just noticed this. I will

Just noticed this. I will make probably use of this!


This is great stuff! I will use it too!


Holy necro-post. I'm sorry! Wait, since this is a blog entry, maybe that's okay? I don't quite understand all the rules of netiquette.

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I think the

I think the anti-necroposting people are usually bozos anyway mojo, don't sweat it ;)