Renaming the game, naming a group of two people who are too busy to work on this, and stuff being finished.

I realized that as I'm not going solo on this, Cyril and I are part of a 'collective,' and I might be looking for an illustrator too. But anyways, yeah, we are. I also have another little side project I think I'm gonna be starting up which would be a lot faster and I'd need his help on too, so, considering we might be working on multiple things together and considering we both agreed, yeah, let's give us a name, one was picked.

The game is now called "Trepan." The collective is "Headache." Dunno if it's gonna be, "... a Headache Games production," or "By Studio Headache," or just Headache but, much better name for the game for a lot of reasons, and I like the name for us as a group.

  • Looked at it on mobile. Weird looking.
  • Got new audio from him, or rather, adjusted/fixed for looping audio. Helps with immersion, so, yay.
  • Got new heartbeat sound, functions musically now. Love it but need to redo the scene it's in now, I think. I want it to last longer.
  • Started to build some assets, namely handwritten stuff. I... hand wrote them
  • Recorded/added in some "outside" noise to add over slightly volume-lowered music to add some immersion to the story. Managed to keep it away from being hacky, I think.
  • Another pass of checking/replaying/note taking. I also end up thinking of problems/solutions while writing here/that first post.
  • Considering a "save" system to encourage people "replaying," and by that, I mean like, just jumping back to see other endings, as that would be really really really really good. Maybe I should just make this less dependent on replay, or more beneficial from replays. No, not maybe. Must.
  • Considering a way for people who choose "give up" or end up with an ending that i WANT there, but that they might not have seen coming, and is early on, to get back before that decision. A "go back to when this was inevitable" button feels weird. Not sure what to do.