Finals Fantasy: Game Design Ideas

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Hey homewreckers,
Finals Fantasy was released recently, online at It's a collection of SPECULATIVE PROJECTS FOR GAME ART STUDENTS. My favorite section is by Jake Elliott of Cardboard Computer who asks that you make 1,000 games or else you will fail.

An excerpt:
Assignment: Sit in a public place for 1 hour. As you sit, work on a hypertext game about whatever is -- or could be -- happening nearby. Speculate. Do this once a day for 30 days.
Assignment: Write 150 short instruction set games. Print and bind them in a book. Name the book after a citrus fruit. Here is an example, from "Grapefruit" by Yoko Ono.
Assignment: Write a Lisp program that generates HTML games. Generate 28 games.

Why Lisp? What are other ways to write a program that would generate games?

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I really loved Paul Slocum's

I really loved Paul Slocum's "Make a game that has a clearly defined central goal that is impossible to complete for some reason. The game shall not be emo, twee, funny, spiritual, or political".

But I think I figured out a valid solution for it that feels kind of cheap, and now I'm not sure how to approach it.