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This is an experiment game made in GDevelop, a free game maker that does html5

index.html to start, spacebar to interact, left key to fight.

fight mechanics seem buggy

Download zip or play via the link via dropbox. Let me know if it doesn't work and i'll shit on my computer and throw it in a river

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An event


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"a dead floating turd

"a dead floating turd floating in the river of life, fertilizing the dreams of tomorrow"
i like that but i can't get far because the computer i'm using is very slow

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your computer must be slower

your computer must be slower than mine, mine is sometimes slow.

Well, i said i would shit on my computer... I guess I have to, now.

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Any game that mentions

Any game that mentions antinatalism is worth playing, in my opinion.

There was only one instance of text extending beyond the screen so I couldn't finish reading it. It happens when you attempt to talk to the cloud/blue-white scribble. Otherwise everything seems to be working as you intend it to. I couldn't lose combat, but I suppose that's the point of your little human tragedy here.

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Actually, winning and losing

Actually, winning and losing are both possible outcomes, though it's more or less random.

Rhetoricstu's games have a distinct philosophical voice, which is perhaps my favourite thing about them.

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actually there are two

actually there are two off-screen texts,

when you win it says "You won this confusing pie" and there is a picture of a pie. but what i actually wrote in the box was "you won this confusing piece of crap".