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Can You Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle?

I invite you to enter my Maze. I say it is mine, because despite who else I might be, I am the architect as well as your guide. Your first goal is to find the shortest route through the Maze - a simple task, I assure you, if you know what to look for. I have planted clues throughout for your interpretation - or misinterpretation. Indeed, you will be fascinated by the Maze's ambiguity, stimulated by its mystery, stymied by its riddle. But fear not! I will be with you all the way. Fear not, that is, if you truly believe that my clues or I can be trusted.


That was the invitation to the old book I have been getting into a while back. It's a book that is, well I don't know what it is and neither do a lot. The puzzle building is really about us and what we decide it is. It is a good book. I even redrew a bunch of the book all below.

a provided eXample!

Directions are here if you want them though I don't think they're absolutely necessary. This is your world, your journey through the rooms if you want. I don't want to call it in itself a trainwreck since it has achieved so much, but the actual adventure going through it, the journey itself being one. Whenever I go through it I think of Maniac Mansion which is what I would consider the most important in gaming. So many puzzles, going through rooms, exploring. An objective, but not necessary to know what the objective is. It's about your journey as well. I also think of the A-Team a lot since I watched a lot of episodes while viewing this book but that is probably for a different story


I'm talking about this book Maze by Christopher Manson

Now there are obviously some room connect errors in some of the rooms like one of the room 33s doesn't connect, and one of the doors isn't listed probably for spoiler reasons but you can go to the Index in case this happens and you really feel a room should connect.

Now for the call of action:

Will you join me in decrypting the secrets this book? Maybe you're an avid maze explorer already and just want to talk to people with fresh eyes. I wouldn't mind some second opinions from outside sources. You can of course follow or unfollow my lead here. I've taken my own route and won't necessarily publish my solutions prematurely.

Now the archived version of the book is what it appears to be: a simple web version provided by Holt. Having a copy of the book is one of the more ideal approach. I will post my interpretation of the book provided in the game links or you can acquire it. I'd like to host a contest to get some a copy of the book if they'd like to play up in all fairness. I'll post the Barry version I did here for reference and maybe alternative solutions.

Naturally this even follows "Pirate Kode" which I'll list below:
The Pirate Kode has only one firm rule: If the rules are getting in the way of you making games (err solutions), disregard them! To put it another way: Cheating is encouraged.

That being said I hope this is a good platform for something different and off-beat like a search for answers. Do what you gotta do. There are tons of resources out there of course but starting with the book might keep your eyes the most fresh before finding other people's solutions. Remember: Even if it's off topic it's probably still on-topic. Thank you for that.

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