Make friends with Glimby.

Music - Valse Moderne, by George Fenton and John Leach.

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An event


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i liked it a lot, but i

i liked it a lot, but i didn't hear any music

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Different browsers will try

Different browsers will try to play either 0000.mp3 or 0000.ogg, and the latter is unfortunately nothing. This is easily fixed, so I hope thecatamites notices.

thank you!! i have fixed

thank you!! i have fixed now! if you're havin this issue and you've played already you might have to clear your cache for the fix to work

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Refreshing worked for me!

Refreshing worked for me!

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This seems to be the exact type of bun I bought yesterday!

Lots of interesting things there in general. I played it multiple times because I would fail to notice the arrows after interacting with objects and then it would be too late. The window dialogue seems buggy, did anyone get past the bit about the gentlest sharks?

what's with the french music?

what's with the french music?

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This was a really nice

This was a really nice absurdist character study. I really felt Glimby's anxiety at having someone in their home. I sort of felt like I was imposing myself on her. She reminds me of the crab in your last game, a sort of eccentric recluse who spends enough time alone to have a very strong view of themselves, and of the outside world. Maybe not realizing that they've grown very out of touch with what is actually happening.

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double post

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this is a cool game and i

this is a cool game and i like the watercolor vibe.

the music gave me flashbacks of ren and stimpy.

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I like this quite a bit,

I like this quite a bit, particularly the sense of scale and way the elements began to expand beyond the original window. The large amount of animation and writing add a lot of character too. I'm not sure what to make of Glimby, but I'm not sure she does either, so that's okay.

My favourite part was the ocean stroll, but Glimby being drawn into existing photographs was also pretty great.