gamejolt sexy time

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a platforming game with random quotes from gamejolt chat playing on the top of each screen

gamejolt chat on the infamous is the place in which i have wasted hundreds of hours over the past year and a half, so i decided to turn the complete waste of time into something still pointless and self-indulgent, but also vaguely productive

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An event


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This was worth playing. The

This was worth playing. The chat texts were mildly interesting. The exploration was fun. I wish there would only be double jump instead of infinite jump to have some more "challenge". The music was good. Varied and interesting fauna. The place with hopping bunnies looked like it could be reached, I wish it could. I'm pretty certain I explored everything and they remain out of reach. The only glitch is when you go from the squares inside squares inside squares room to the walking pale blue guys room and get stuck in a wall.

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oh yeah, i forgot about

oh yeah, i forgot about that, this is basically my most recent, and most successful attempt at ripping off the parts of knytt stories that i like, and i forgot to fix one instance of wallswimming, thanks for telling me

if i feel like making more i'll make it so people can get to the bunnies

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Kind of evil, in a weirdo

Kind of evil, in a weirdo way. The gamejolt ruffians, I would not hang out with! However the gameplay reminds me of a nasty game called Soft & Cuddly for the ZX Spectrum.

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that's an interesting

that's an interesting looking game, the only game that i'd played before with the infinite jump levitation was the game super cat planet, it's fun, it's signinficantly more challenging than this

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if these are real quotes i

if these are real quotes i dont want to know