AMAZON (94 experience)

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Felix Anderson
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An event


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this is almost as shitty as

this is almost as shitty as the real

good job

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A sublime interactive

A sublime interactive experience... wait... was it interactive...?

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You've managed to suggest

You've managed to suggest that there was a nostalgic worth longing for in retrospect of our modern day online mundanity. I live in Appalachia, in an area where an influential culture of older, white folks seem to wish we were still in Mayberry. On the interstates here there is a chain of restaurants popular among this crowd called Cracker Barrel. The franchise is successful in its reification of a time and place that never existed that many people here are nostalgic for. It manages to do this by investing heavily in an aesthetic that borrows materials, processes, and relics from the youth of its target marke while never coming close to producing a wide spectrum of the original reality. I like the idea that the same can be done for the early Internet experience. Before we know it, our truer memories will be replaced with impressions of listening to vaporwave and not waiting hours for digital interfaces to respond whose purpose exists largely in academic speculation.