Senseless Soccer

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A bit of nostalgia here.. there was a time in my life when i could be safely
considered as a decent average sport loving lad (i was about seven years old )
i mostly played soccer and .. chess
anyway, i went to afterschool classes and played with other lads about the same age as me,
and this game attempts to represent how we played the game back then

Of course it's not a hundred percent accurate: nobody bothered to bring
team colored shirts.. or more like there wasn't an agreement on the color

For the record: i'm not familiar with the rules of soccer to this day
(or of chess)

Psychedelic Volleyball Fortress
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An event


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Like a swarm of bees!

Like a swarm of bees!

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i love it

i love it

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sweet swarming mechanics

sweet swarming mechanics

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Held my interest for some

Held my interest for some time... I really like how the two teams are indistinguishable once they get too close together.

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I really like collision of

I really like collision of groups of many individuals with centralized or very similar logic. Movies scenes that feature large battles tend to take advantage of this appeal, but I think it is appealing because it suggests a physical collision of a awesome scope, like a tsunami washing away houses or something.