Coby Castle

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it's us, the singing coby bros! we're here to make you dance and sing.
wasd / space / mouse / esc to restart
play in 800x600 res!! you will regret this!!!!!

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An event


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fell off the edge of the

fell off the edge of the world!


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coby castle is a lovely

coby castle is a lovely little place to be. i liked that every place i set my coby he fit right in. nothing too special about that little bird. and i liked that everything was really self contained. i think on twitter you called it a "diorama." even the title screen is right there waiting for you, just hanging out. let's set coby castle on a shelf in our mind and listen to that banjo strumming as we fall asleep.

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It kinda feels like visiting

It kinda feels like visiting camp in between missions in a Dragon Age: Origins. I think the camera and the floral geometry work well together visually; it does give it a diorama feel. The controls felt awkward at the default, lower resolution because it was more difficult to conceptualize the barriers when the screen was smaller. I increased the resolution for my second playthrough to see what was going on. Playing through the third time at the intended resolution again was the most enjoyable for me. I think it's interesting that my experiences playing both this game and Crab My Passion vary widely depending on the resolution.