McDonald's Paint

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made in Gdevelop.

I just wanted to use canyon.mid in something

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An event


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I like that the paint always

I like that the paint always goes below what's already there. Every stroke feels final. There's no slow process of layering and refining an image. You have to make a decisive stroke, and then fill in the background with whatever works. Depending on how you pull Ronald McDonald, you can make him look like a soft pile of yarn or an endless fearsome wurm.

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I used to love climbing up

I used to love climbing up into the Hamburgular tower thing. Adults couldn't get to me if they tried. now I'd be afraid of getting stuck like an inexperienced spelunker.

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Yeah I don't know about

Yeah I don't know about hamburglar but I remember when McDonald's had a slide/playground thingy for kids. They used to market to kids aggressively.