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A small Zzt platformer demo I made while I was feeling nostalgic one night.
To run the font: At the dos prompt and in the directory you have the font stored type
zman /i. This will install the font and allow you to play ZMAN the way it was intended.
After installing the font (do not exit the dos prompt or dosbox windiw or the font will un-install) run Zzt normally.

Title screen and name are all just filler until I decide to actually put effort into them.
Thanks for playing!


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Thanks for your contributions to ZZTV, Lynx!

You're one of the ZZT greats and it was an honor to have jammed with you.

I didn't include this one submission because:
A) We reached critical mass
B) The board requires a font but is not backwards compatible!

All and all, it was a great success. Viovis is now at the helm for ZZTV #12 so stay in it to win it!

With regard,

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ZZT11 praise

Loved ZZT11!
Fonts make preloaders and other customizations difficult, and it's no big deal.
Keep Jammin'!

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I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to actually making something for the next one!

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Still worthwile

Even with the community mostly gone Zzt is still an awesome experience.
I would recommend it for anyone to learn the basics of coding processes.
It's really fun to have several separate objects interact in an Incredible Machine type fashion.
Good luck on your submission!

Makes for a great programming intro

The very visual and simple nature of the ZZT-OOP engine really does make a marvelous intro to programming, especially for budding coders. I've recommended it for years to teachers.