Knytt Stories knockoff jam (big open explory platformers)

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Mon, Aug 15 2016 11:29 AM
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10/15/2016 - 11:29

I'm making a game which is basically just a ripoff of some elements of knytt with some other different elements added, but i like these sorts of things, so i'd love to see other people's takes on knytt, knytt stories and games with a similar spirit (nifflas's other games, seiklus, glum buster, an untitled story by matt thorson, 2 by hubol, phoenotopia, snailiad and most recently the game Lampshade by no man's wind studios, all come to mind)

So this is a sort of personal deadline for me, but i would really love to see other people's interpretations of what Knytt Stories and similar games mean to them, whether it's the feeling of openness in Nifflas's original levels, the continuous upgrades, the community spirit with the level editors, the secret areas, doors into houses, the long falling through the sky into different areas, and everything else.

I don't know if anyone else will want to do this, but in case anyone does, I'd like to put a list of guidelines.
The game can be as long or as short as you like, though bigger things are preferred. Also it's better if it's an original game, but a knytt stories custom level is also good. One important thing to me in the original knytt stories levels that i saw in very few of the custom levels was the feeling of falling through the sky and seeing big things that you can miss, so if you can get that feeling then that would be great.

The thing i've been making for a bit more than a month will probably be the final game in the series I started 2 years ago, the entirety of which can be found on my gamejolt page (terrytheplatypus). I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but it's important to me that i finish it, so i can get a sense of closure, both in terms of the game, but also in terms of what i've been trying to do for the last 2 years, which kinda started feeling like a dead end.

In case you haven't played some of the above games, I'll put links below for inspiration.
all of these are free (except knytt underground)

Nifflas's games:
Glum Buster:
An Untitled Story:

One extra, Glaring, which i first saw on sergio's site:

if you can spend 7 dollars and you haven't played it, fjords also fits very well in this sort of mood, while having its own unique spirit

I'll also put some of my favorite knytt stories custom levels, the ones that best exemplify what i like most about these sorts of games, and knytt stories itself:

Again, I'm not sure if anyone else wants to do this, but if you do, good luck!

( image by donparadon )

Games made for Knytt Stories knockoff jam (big open explory platformers)


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going to have a go at this!

going to have a go at this! it seems like trainwrecks has dried up a bit in the past couple of months, let's all do our part to reverse that

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nice, good luck! I would've

nice, good luck! I would've made more small games to help keep the trainwreck scene alive and well, it was just that i wanted to finish this big thing to get it off my chest. maybe i should make some small games anyway

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this is my game ravimid

if you have homebrew on your 3ds, you can play the game by moving the 'ravimid' folder into the '3ds' folder
you can get homebrew on your 3ds here:

you can play it on windows too, but IM NOT TELLING HOW!!!

edit: how do i submit this as a game?

ravimid.zip3.16 MB
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you can post games by

you can post games by clicking on the "post" button at the top left, then clicking on "game", and you can submit games to specific events by checking off the event from the dropdown menu at the bottom

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i got

i got it thanks