RIP Mark Gobbin aka rhetoricstu, 1985-2016

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It is with a heavy heart that I deliver the news that my friend and collaborator Mark Gobbin passed away on August 1st.

Mark posted numerous games here under the alias rhetoricstu. My first post on this site was a game we made together, and I feel he's partly to thank for the fast and fervorous approach to game-making I've had since. We worked together on so many creative collaborations over the years that I know I'll feel his absence in about anything I do from now on. He was a wonderful friend to me and a constant presence in my life for over 10 years. I will miss him immensely.

I've posted this for anyone to join me in mourning, or just appreciating his work. I plan to post more about his work as the days go by, along with (hopefully) finished versions of a couple of our regrettably incomplete long-term collaborations. Wish me luck...


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Really sorry to hear this Sergio. Hope you're doing okay.

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Let's put his KNP games up

Let's put his KNP games up on Internet Archive :)

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i definitely didn't know him

i definitely didn't know him as well as you did, but it's still somewhat shocking news to me, given the few times we interacted, his knytt level i finished, and his frequent presence on this site.

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I didn't know him well, but

I didn't know him well, but the fact that we both posted on Glorious Trainwrecks during the same period of time makes rhetoricstu's death feel like a personal loss for me. Thanks for informing us about this tragedy.

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God damnit. What the fuck?

Like Blueberry said, it would be a nice sentiment to maybe upload his games from this site and possibly others to the Internet Archive so they may not be lost.

Sincerely, that's real awful. I didn't know him other than from the games he posted here and it seemed like he was young in age and at least young at heart. I'm really sad to hear he passed. Good luck on posting your collaborations, I know it may be tough, but I'm sure you'll be glad to have done so.

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Oh man

That's horrible news. He seemed like a good guy. I've been putting off working on a game that I promised to make him, because I wanted to finish other things first. I don't know if I should still finish it... wow this is heart breaking.

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Terrible news. I'm so sorry,

Terrible news. I'm so sorry, Sergio. He'll be missed.

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very sad to hear. was nice

very sad to hear. was nice communicating with him online and being part of a community with him.

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This is damn sad news. I hope things are settling down in your neck of the woods, Sergio. You have my condolences.

My condolences

I am so sorry for you right now, mr. Cornaga. I hope everything is going well with you.
Good luck for the future, and I really do wish that everything goes alright.

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Sorry for your loss

I want to play his games. Let's put it in the archive to be remembered forever

My Brother RIP

After now just getting over him but yeah like long relationship even if gone never really. It nice to know as my brother was always quiet in the family so I had no idea. Now older I appreciate him even more. Thanks for the condolences. I decided to join this website. I am not a technical person but if you want to collaborate or something I can maybe help. I love playing computer games mostly watch tv.

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Hey Maryanne. It's nice to

Hey Maryanne. It's nice to (sorta) meet you and great to have you here. I guess this page appears somewhat prominently after searching Mark's name now, huh?