eat the poison 5: the weary ones pay their dues

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controls are on the gamejolt page

you will get stuck, which is why there is the restart from checkpoint in the menu that's opened up by pressing escape

this is bloated and buggy and i don't expect anyone to like it, but at least i achieved my goal of making a bigger game, as this is bigger than anything i've done before

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I'm enjoying this a lot so

I'm enjoying this a lot so far, but having to restart at the "nobody lives here" screens is really discouraging, and even if I press M I can't get any sound to play.

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oh, i forgot that i deleted

oh, i forgot that i deleted all the sounds in this version because i was trying to export to windows (which didn't work, but now i see i just needed to reboot) :P

that "nobody lives here" scene is basically an infinite void screen, just if you tried to go to a scene that wasn't predefined.

i uploaded it because i was working on it for more than a month, but i was sick of it because i couldn't figure out how to fix the bug i had that makes the player go inside tiles when a new scene is being created. Maybe in a few days or a week I'll have enough patience to bash my head against it and another bug and add some more stuff to fill it out a bit more.

Maybe instead of having the "void screen" sorta thing, do you think would it be better to restart the player at the beginning, or a random location in the game, after they access an undefined scene? That would still maybe be frustrating, but maybe wouldn't ruin the flow as much.

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I'll have to play more to

I'll have to play more to confirm this suspicion, but I think my preference would be to just close off the entrances to undefined scenes. But I think that would result in a few 'inescapable' areas, right? Wait for other comments too, there might be some void love.

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Yeah, some of those "nobody lives here" areas felt like a bit of a "fuck you" to the play for not knowing that area was going to be like that, especially in such a long game with so many different items that you just lose. The general atmosphere and cartooning and scope is all great and fun, and I'm sure the music in the music version goes well along with it.

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I didn't communicate this

I didn't communicate this well at all, but you don't lose any of the items after restarting at the checkpoint; i wasn't trying to make it masochistic. It's more like "warp to beginning" rather than "restart". Anyway, as it is, the game is impossible to complete without going back to the beginning, because there's no way to get from the bottom half of the map to the top half. The music i had was a weird distorted drone thing that was basically me trying to rip off tim hecker, but then i realized that it didn't fit that well because the game isn't that slow-paced, and the sounds were kinda wonky, but maybe i'll just throw those back in.

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Oh, I just remember getting an item and then checking the inventory and it wasn't there anymore. Maybe I should try it again.

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Wow! I like the looks and

Wow! I like the looks and the chatty characters I keep running into. Oh, and of course the business duck. (And how nice to play and not die all the time.)

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I haven't finished this yet,

I haven't finished this yet, but I'm enjoying it. After playing Magic Wand, I started working on a clone of it because I like the idea of just wandering around computer-game screens of hand-made art and sounds and running into odd characters that have a bit of dialogue. While I seem to be going with an isometric view, I think this 2D format has a particular look that I really enjoy. It was the "Life feels flat a lot of the time" fellow that made me think this 2D format works really well. The way he takes up so much of the screen and is just statically stepping on the platforms is very appealing to me.

Is there any way for me to turn on the sound when I'm running this on Windows?

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i accidentally deleted the

i accidentally deleted the sounds, so no. if you want me to, i can upload a version today with sounds, but i was going to add/change some stuff to make it feel a bit less broken, and i'd probably start that in a few days i, and that would include music and sounds for running and jumping.

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I just thought I was doing

I just thought I was doing something wrong. If you upload a version with sound, tell me.

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very cool!

i recently finished reading Lanark by Alasdair Gray, and this game's art style/general tone really put me in mind of it

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thanks, i'll have to check

thanks, i'll have to check that out

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What stood out for me most

What stood out for me most were the giants and their monologues. They feel like the sort of rambling, half-coherent, introspective writings that you’d make in a journal. I like how well the platformer format works for laying out this kind of content. Each screen is like a page: discretely separated from the adjacent pages, but navigable. It’s not a continuously scrolling mario stage. Each screen has its own concept and sometimes the tone can shift dramatically between one screen and the next. One day you sit down and write and you’ve got something to get off your chest, another day you have a polaroid to tape in there, or you just doodle some shapes. And when you find a page that hasn’t been written on yet, well that’s it: space ends, the metaphor breaks down.

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thanks for the elaborate

thanks for the elaborate reply, i started off with doing the monologues, and i could've kept doing them, but i didn't because they felt like something that would be better in moderation.