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Psychological dadaist game about little Tetris T block that doubts its purpose in life and wants to be free. In fact, he always wanted to become a tree! And now he can, thanks to this amazing creation. You must guide little T in his explorations of the world beyond what he has known all his life. You can also guide little T in her explorations of the world beyond what she has known all her life. (Up to you - in any case he's pink and she's pink too.) But watch out - the unknown world is big and full of dangers and seductions! T must go where no Tetris block has gone before...

Use the keyboard arrows to guide little T / ESC to quit - the basic mantra of glorious games.
Remember: save the Treetris.exe file to the Desktop or some other folder before launching the game! Don't run it straight from the .zip file unless you're curious to see my FEIG error box.

Soundtrack: "Layers" by Space Explorer(s) -

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i like it, it gets to the

i like it, it gets to the point right away and the ending fits well

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I enjoyed the sense of

I enjoyed the sense of discovery. This game borrows a lot form procedural-generation aesthetics and I found myself thinking moving my understanding of what I was playing. At first it was Tetris, then it was some procedurally generated labyrinth with the Tetris-parts creating a sense of risk/reward (the more you collect, the harder it will be to navigate), then it became a static labryinth where I seemed to be discovering pixel art from an intimate-but-obscuring close range. It played with my expectations.
I really enjoyed the moments when I was able to free pieces from where they had fallen by picking up protruding parts.

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Ah! You nailed it :) one

Ah! You nailed it :) one meta-quest may be to find the optimal strategy and path to get to the highest score. My meta-quest had been to fix the collission detection code which was so glitchy that it wasn't even fun anymore. Thanks to this fix we can now all enjoy the pleasures of scooping up fallen pieces by their ears.

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I like the spirit of little

I like the spirit of little T block. There’s an initial period of conformity and playing the Tetris game, but once they set their mind to going up, they don’t stop. And, in fact, they can’t stop: stopping is death. I also like the complex ideology (probably not the right word) of tree building- You can start getting pieces in the tangled tetris maze and get stuck and become a part of the collective, or you can wait until you get out and start becoming a tree in the world of the shaded alien pixels. No matter what, you die by going off the bottom of the screen, and some alien monster saying “OK you win” doesn’t seem any more validating than dying anywhere else.