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Digitized zine based on comics my friend makes about his dreams, made with DADADADADADA very loosely in mind.

If you reach a page without options, it's an ending, use your browser's back button or something.

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milserge :( this is super

milserge :( this is super cool, it makes me want to have one of the zines to hold in my hands

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I still have about five

I still have about five left, but I suspect a physical copy could be a disappointing experience. I used a variety of underwhelming photocopiers for the bulk of the zine, so the norm is for little bits of text to be cut off at the sides. But thanks a lot for your non-medium-specific praise! :)

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The illustrations and the

The illustrations and the sensibility of the narratives remind me of Shel Silverstein. When making that comparison, I begin to want more verbosity. Page 22 has this quality I desire.

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Man, that page 19. If my

Man, that page 19. If my dreams were haunted by a murderous duck man, I don't know if I would be able to sleep at night.

Dream Patchwork in 3D

It is interesting to imagine where one dream ends and another begins -- or rather, how they bleed into each other. There's a curiously strong sense of spatial continuity, and boundaries between dreams.

Format-wise, I found myself expecting the game to be smaller. The photograph of the original books left me conscious of the thickness of the booklets, proposing a finite space of possibilities. It was curiously enjoyable to think of the shrinking unknown in fuzzy terms, increasingly surprised at how much yet remained.