Flower King Quest Challenge

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Haha oh boy. Kliking on a period Win98 PC certainly brings back some good memories and old frustrations. Hand in hand. Back in storage you go.

Use the password speedtest to run a simple benchmark. My vintage box can handle about 80 Yellow Joggers before it starts slowing down.

(The vintage box in question is an OptiPlex GX1 tower with a PIII CPU @ 450MHz and 512MB RAM.)

Edit: Uploaded a v1.1 with a cleaned up instructions page and a Win9x-style sample playback lag toggle ('w' key ingame). The lag mode has a bug where some shots seem to get stuck in the upper-left corner, but it more or less gets the point across.

Double edit: Hmm... MMF2 and Fusion 2.5 do not like some of the events in this game, particularly the rotation of the disco guy.

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Realistic water pump action!

Realistic water pump action!

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I really enjoy being the

I really enjoy being the Flower King. It was all worth it.
I like the denseness of your collages in this game. Also, yes, the water-pump contraption is a fascinating object.

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Thanks! I was trying to make

Thanks! I was trying to make a pinball launcher type mechanic, but it looked so much more interesting to have a bunch of uniform objects shooting up and down like a ring or loop.

The behavior of the angels on the failure screen are what the lobsters were like originally. I had to slow them down, decrease their spawn rate, make the sun at the top bigger etc, because the game was basically unwinnable.

I'll make a couple of modifications tonight through DOSbox: less chaotic instructions page, and an option to simulate the horrible lag encountered when you play a sample in KNP under Win98.

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Oops, didn't mean to blast

Oops, didn't mean to blast the old version away. Attached here.

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