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An experience for 2 men. Women can play this game if they want to, but they won't be able to fully understand it since it deals with concepts that are elemental to the male psyche such as 'manliness', 'being a man', 'grunting at another man' and 'punching another man'.

Punch the other man's head, torso, upper legs, and lower legs before they punch yours.

Pilot your fist using the arrow keys.

Press your 'charge' button to charge forward with a more powerful punch. You can use this to destroy pieces of the other man's arm as well as his fist.

Press your 'punch' button to explode your fist and teleport back to your body. Use this to defend against the other man.

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The link in the description

The link in the description is broken! The game is here:

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Pure Menergy, Core

Pure Menergy, Core Menergenetic.

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Unfortunately I don't have a

Unfortunately I don't have a competitive environment to develop my masculinity into its alpha-stage potential, but I enjoyed playing around with this anyway. The exploding animation worked really well when I missed the dude's head and wrapped around to nail him in the crotch. So satisfying in how responsive, popping-explody, and blood-glittery it is.
I also like how the trails become material that has to be aggressively pushed through. It communicates how fights tend to start as planned, targeted attacks that demonstrate the ego's depiction of itself as a capable ninja just waiting for an opportunity to strike; but then they end up being these desperate and pitiful wrestling tangles where it is just someone struggling to get out of a hold while the other one tries not to get bit.

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Fortunately I have a

Fortunately I have a competitive environment to develop my masculinity into its alpha-stage potential and I think I might be the best at this game. I've played this with a good amount of people and I am the consistent winner. Probably because I know all the strange exploits like punching people from behind. I clue people into that sorta strategy and it doesn't seem to ruin the game because it's a weird specific and sorta unlikely thing to have happen. I like the body parts falling but I wished they interfered with the play space more because you mostly can punch above where most of the body parts are. Good graphics tho, I like seeing all the gore as the battle goes on.

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Yea, if I ever have time I

Yea, if I ever have time I might remake it as a tile-based game so I can make sure things stack properly and create proper walls.