Train Lady Protector


This is a little game that continues on the theme of Dada Boss Fight.

Protect the lady from the flies. Use your mouse.

Yevgeni Zolotko
Made For: 
An event


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After playing a bit

After playing a bit initially, I wanted to just let the flies be. Then I noticed the calmness meter and kinda wanted to see what the win-state was like.
There are some strange details in this game that are only noticed when the ride is a quiet one. I don't mean strange as in... super weird or anything, just anomalous. The cloned section of the repeating forest makes me wonder what needed to be covered up. The eyes on the lamps are an odd priority that I question. I begin to wonder what there is too much wind for. The vertical movement of the train goes a long way and I start to fantasize about how the game was fixed with that particular inclusion.