Mutant Highway

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MUTANT HIGHWAY, a remake of FREEWAY MUTANT by Butterscotch Shenanigans with a few little extras thrown in. I wanted a project to stretch my legs in Fusion again, and this is what I came up with.

Move your running alien with the mouse (please keep your mouse pointer inside the game screen). Jump over obstacles with your CTRL button. You will automatically shoot at enemies that are in your sights.

Artwork by my good friend Skeleghoul. Sounds by me using BFXR, and by Nintendo back in the 80's. You can play the game online via the HTML5 build, or download the standalone version for Windows (which has better performance and mouse response, in my opinion).

Thanks to Clickteam for creating Fusion, to Jeremy/Spindley Q for hosting Glorious Trainwrecks, and to Butterscotch Shenanigans for the original Freeway Mutant.

Have fun, and "THANK YOU FOR PLAY!!!"

PLEASE NOTE: There have been some reports of eye irritation, most likely caused by the large scrolling sprites in this game and playing for long periods of time. I don't know of a fix for this at the moment. My apologies for any discomfort! I suggest you limit your play-time of this game should you experience any eye irritation.

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this is really fun! i love

this is really fun! i love all the options!

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this is great

i'm not sure it's even technically possible to complete it with all the challenges selected (this greatly adds to the game's charm and you should not change it)

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When you have "No Jumping" and "Acid Everywhere" selected, it's pretty much impossible and/or highly-dependent on luck. Throw "No Shooting" and "More Enemies" in the mix, and the game lasts at most about 35 seconds. :)

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This is a cool remake! I

This is a cool remake! I love the wording on the challenges. "I promise I won't do this!" is such a funny thing for a game to position me as saying. I've only been able to make it to ~500 distance, but I'm planning on playing more to get to 1000.

Starting out, I used the 'run faster' challenge to get a better feel for the game (because the pacing felt so slow), but once I got to the third kind of enemy repeatedly without managing to get more than halfway to the level 3 gun, I decided to take things slower to make it easier to collect upgrades. Even then, it still seems a bit of a luck of the draw for when you manage to get to certain gun levels, even tho it's basically mandatory to upgrade it quickly to have a chance! I think I can even out the difficulty with practice, however.

One thing that really bothers me though is how *hard* it is to move diagonally across a gap. IE:


O = platform, X = gap

It feels like 50% of the time I can move from the left side to the right side safely, and the other half of the time I die instantly. I don't know if I'm even supposed to be able to do this? But the game is essentially impossible (in that, it's very unfair) without being able to make such a movement. It'd be less of a problem if the jump bar was more friendly to the player (I assumed at first that if it was full, I could jump multiple times in a row, but as it is the limitation on jumping makes it feel very unhelpful!).

Oh also, when I stop looking at the game I get this weird brain effect where everything seems to be sliding down. I think my eyes just get so used to the constant scrolling of the game? But it's weird b/c I've never noticed this with any other kind of scrolling game. I'm not sure there's anything you could do to change that, but, I think it would be good to advise players of the potential of it happening. When I come back to this game, I plan on playing it for ~5 minutes at a time to try to prevent it from recurring.

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Wow! Thanks for such an in-depth comment. I'll reply to each item:

- BALANCE: yeah, the "vanilla" game has left a lot to be desired for seasoned players. Trying to have a strong enough weapon to defeat the later enemies requires some serious luck. I suggest using the "I'll fight more enemies" tweak to increase the likelihood of collecting enough parts for the upgrades. Incidentally, this was a design choice that encourages more plays, as opposed to the original's tactic of weapon upgrades that persisted from one play to the next.

- DIAGONAL MOVEMENT: you are completely permitted to move diagonally between acid pools and bottomless pits. I adjusted the size of the hitbox throughout testing to make sure this was permissible, as it's available in the original. Besides, the game really wasn't as much fun if it was so unforgiving. It does take skill and practice to have the timing right.

- VISUAL ISSUES: That is weird, isn't it? I think it has something to do with the bulk of the screen being a scrolling surface with such large sprites. It's more drastic an effect than in the original. My apologies for any discomfort you've experienced.

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Thanks for the reply!! Have some more:

Balance: I know more enemies means more eyeballs, but they seemed to be useless for upgrades? At the least, the furthest I've gotten along the weapon upgrade path still required no eyeballs. If increasing the number of enemies increases the number of upgrade drops, or if eyeballs act as like a "wildcard" for upgrades, either of those would be very helpful.

Diagonal Movement: okay, sounds good! I'll give myself more confidence in being able to do it, then.

Visual Issues: I think it is about it being scrolling at a constant pace, but also how the protagonist is rooted to the very bottom row at all times- kind of like the spaceship in a shump game. Except, unlike in shump games, here the protagonist is a platformer-style character, making there be a significant, for me, initial disconnect between me and the game. I think I am much more susceptible to 'control discomfort' than most people though. However, I was able to get over the controls feeling constrained after a few plays. But I think the visual issues are such for me because I am constantly looking at both a vertically static protagonist, and looking upwards / sliding my view downwards constantly to see what's coming up in a few tiles, as well as what's immediately before me. Perhaps both of these would be greatly reduced if the player had free range of 2-3 vertical tiles, but that would drastically affect the gameplay which may or may not be at all desirable.