SPIDER TIME: Hide and Seek

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originally released in 2014
Hello! Welcome to my game!

WASD/Arrow keys - Move around
Mouse - Look around
Space - Jump around

Content warnings
You can talk to insects and their relatives. there are also arthropods which may look like spiders, but are not. The game has big places to jump so if you have arcophobia please be careful. Also when graphics are set on fastest the rotating bugs may harmful to your eyes.

Thank you's and Credits
Thanks to Tentabropy for code help and constant support!
Thanks to ID software for making DOOM.
Thanks to Stephen theCatamites for making Goblet Grotto.
Thanks to Stanlow Crickets for making the song "Passage to Dadaville" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to bogleech for making me think about insects.


Marie Gevaudan
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An event


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I found this interesting.

I found this interesting. I've always been fascinated with the question of what the composite image that animals with more than two eyes may see (since we see one 3D image in a particular range of light if we have two eyes). I like hearing about the experiments where someone wears glasses that show mirror images for long periods of time and such. Having a Mister Mosquito-esque environment to explore in this view felt barely manageable and narratively relevant to strange view. At first I navigated solely using the forward-facing camera, but once I was trying to jump from the bed, I realized that some of the other views were actually useful. Then I ended up using the text on the books to figure out what the camera-orientations were.
I think I talked to everyone. I really like the clock. I tried clicking on 5 o'clock after talking to Andy and Ann, but nothing happened.
I appreciate how you managed to make traversal over an intimate and detailed environment so rewarding.

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Thank you as always for the

Thank you as always for the comments.

I've actually heard based on experiments that insect's also have composite images? Yet it was a funny and cliche sci fi trope of bug-eye's view, I had to do it!

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I figure that if many

I figure that if many generations of us played your game for millennia in order to reproduce and survive, then our brains would eventually form this camera-scheme into a composite image.

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Playing this is so bizarre.

Playing this is so bizarre. You've really taken the multiple camera angles to an extreme here! I like it. Unlike clyde though, I was unable to make use of more than one camera at a time- in fact, I only used the center two on the top row. I guess I'm just not cut out to be a spider!

I also appreciated the content warnings b/c I don't really like bugs, so I was ready to stop playing if I felt grossed out by it. I was fine, but it's good to be prepared!