Morge The Mouse in: A Day at the Office

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Originally Uploaded in 2015

Marie Gevaudan
Made For: 
An event



Winnie invited herself over to my house again, like she ALWAYS does...

PS: fun game! Surprising transition between the office and the conversations. I think it's always intriguing to see how you have used the same "three window" approach to your games, as each one feels different.

Well done!

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Thank you. The Three Window

Thank you. The Three Window kind of look is kind of unintentional for this one but... it works

i really like these, do you

i really like these, do you have a website with any more games on it or do you just post stuff on here?

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Pretty sure this is the

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I remember this! I do not

I remember this! I do not know if I commented it on GT before, but I sure am now. I think you have a sort of intuitive grasp of what makes 3d Spaces interesting in a approach suitable for this site. Personally I can't imagine ever making a 3d game because I would become constantly bogged down with trying to make 100's of tiny details in the first room. Maybe that'd be the point, in a way, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy doing that.

On the game itself: I like how it feels like it's from a point of view of childlike wonder. All the animals have simple names and simple facts to go with them ("the rabbit likes to eat lettuce", to paraphrase). This is supported by the miniscule view given uniquely by Morge being the only(?) mouse working at this office. The feel of office culture, too, reminds me of how I used to imagine offices were like to exist in. I was mostly informed by newspaper comics, so I had a strange, comedic understanding.

Thanks for making it part of my event!!

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sick visuals and music! I was wondering, is there anything interactive in this game other than like short descriptive text? I made my way through the long red hallways to the painting of the mouse/rat with the key and saw the description and thought that was the end, is that for the most part it or did I miss anything?