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Created for everythingstaken
(theme was: halloween on christmas, arcade, vegan etc)

Defend your pumpkin patch from .. whatever those things are
(you get extra points for rescuing a pumpkin but unlike defender, or real life pumpkins, you can let them fall safely on their own)

Web version supports online hi-scores (but due to the mysterious ways of flash it sometimes doesn't work, then its local)

Surprise Yoga Bandits
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An event


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I received "Packers and Movers"!!!!!!!!

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Wow! This is fucking sick!!

I'm not sure if you, like, knew this, or something, but I literally just did a presentation and wrote a paper about Eugene Jarvis for school and a large section of it was on Defender! I really like the jumpy elves, very strange addition. I really like the sprites too, did you make them?

I had no idea, but that's

I had no idea, but that's quite a lucky coincidence
I made all gfx but one: the witch is actually a recolor from Cauldron

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I really enjoyed shooting

I really enjoyed shooting Supermans.

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I know right? I have it out

I know right? I have it out for the Supermans.

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34097 online. Just sayin.

34097 online.
Just sayin.

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Damn. I've always been so

Damn. I've always been so bad at Defender :(

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Suuuuuuper rad! Those later

Suuuuuuper rad!

Those later waves get really intense (and--if you can stay alive--it gets easier to rack up high scores). Really cool variety of enemy types. Totally dig this.

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great stuff, lots of great

great stuff, lots of great details and fun!! (i will get the top score one of these days ...)

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Nice arcade game! The pixel

Nice arcade game! The pixel art is really good. I like the variety of death remarks, it makes it interesting to die as well. Also, the elves are really challenging, it complements the pace of the game.

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Looks good, feels great! 404

Looks good, feels great! 404 witch not found