Cute Witchy House


Cute Witchy House is a sort of "game sketchbook" I started recently. It's a simple exploration game that I add little fun things to whenever I'm feeling up to it.

Currently, there are six small screens to explore. There's not much to do yet, but there are a few surprises and secrets.

To move, you can use the arrow keys or WASD (or PL;' because my arrow keys are broken and I'm right-handed).

If you like it, you can follow the Twitter account for updates. I probably won't be able to follow any kind of regular update schedule, but I hope I can keep the game slowly growing over time.

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giant kitties, bouncy

giant kitties, bouncy mushrooms, this is a dream come true

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Yeah, this is nice! I feel

Yeah, this is nice! I feel bad for my twin though D: I hope they can get sparkly too one day.

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This is neat and cute. The

This is neat and cute. The progressive structure makes for exploration really truly being its own kind of progress, since it's not premised on any backtracking or gate-unlocking really (at least as of right now--I'm sure such mechanisms could be fun too!). I'm looking forward to checking in with it now and again to see how it's doing!

I really like this "game sketchbook" idea. I might borrow it,

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this is cool! enjoyed

this is cool! enjoyed it.

got stuck on the 5th(6th? 7th?) level. blocked by trees in every direction. unless i missed something.

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the recent updates are

the recent updates are pretty neat, switching between top-down and platformer movement is a neat idea