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An important doctor has left to get milk. He entrusts you with his gewgaw machine. You shouldn't create gewgaws, but you do anyway, you kitten-huffing scumbag.

Created for mkapolk, who requested " little playground full of gewgaws that you can doink around and they'll buzz and sputz and interact with each other." Merry Klikmas, I hope you like it!

Everything is done with the mouse. Esc quits.

Playable in your browser or (fullscreen) on your Windows desktop.

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The sprites and sound

The sprites and sound effects are really good! Making chain reactions with the explosions are really satisfying.

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Thank you so much! Glad you

Thank you so much! Glad you got some satisfaction.

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it's fun and cool, nice job

it's fun and cool, nice job

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Feels like I'm taking care

Feels like I'm taking care of multiple tamagotchis

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Without all the poop,

Without all the poop, thankfully.

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This is awesome! This is

This is awesome! This is exactly what I wanted. I really like the attention to detail and the way that the doctor says different things depending on how you play. The time mechanic does a good job of giving the game an arc with a little conclusion so you don't just keep playing until you fizzle out. Thank you very much!

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You're welcome! Glad ya

You're welcome! Glad ya liked it! Thank you for the prompt - I'm usually don't play or make much sandbox-y stuff, so I really appreciated being dragged out of my comfort zone. Had a lot of fun making this.

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I really like how long a

I really like how long a repair takes compared to how long it takes for a lure to be broken. It's a well-realized world of players and griefers.

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Thanks! That's an

Thanks! That's an interpretation I hadn't considered, but it totally fits.


7/5 Would pour milk all over everything I love again.

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Thanks! And thank you for

Thanks! And thank you for hosting the jam and bringing it to my attention - I'm glad I participated.