Internet Ghost Story (unfinished)

This is my game for Denson.
Yeah, it's unfinished. Sorry about that... What happened is that at first I was going to make a text adventure, which i worked a little on, but then I changed my mind and made a Java game, which I worked a little on. Then I changed my mind AGAIN, to making a PuzzleScript game, and by then, more than half of the allotted time had passed. And I wasn't too exited to make the game... the wishlist kinda seems to call for a story-based game, and plot writing is not my strong suit...
As you can see, the internet ghost is the main mechanic of the game. (It's fucked up in the way that it kills whatever it passes over. Although not implemented, I was going to make it kill you if it passes over you.) I was thinking of making the ending of the game some sort of tragic event or something where the only way to finish is to do something that kills you in the process... maybe that's what makes some female (maybe the player's relative or friend or wife) incredibly sad, fulfilling the last wish item (which was in russian for some reason? maybe she'd be russian?)

By the way, here's Denson's wishlist: (yeah, i've only implemented one item so far...)
- christmas isnt celebrated here but everyones heard of it
Not implemented
- "its me, ur brother, have u forgotten me already?"
- someone called but didnt speak the language
- some kind of fucked up internet ghost
Main game mechanic
- interrupted mid sentence
- самое печальное в том, что она когда-либо слышал
Russian for: the saddest thing that she had ever heard
Planned: sad ending?
I'll probably work on the game more after now, so I'm really just submitting it now so nobody thinks I didn't make anything at all.

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thank u for this game ! i

thank u for this game !
i wish u the best for coming year

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Neat set of mechanics, good

Neat set of mechanics, good tutorial so far, looking forward to the finished work!

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Those are actually some

Those are actually some really nice sprites. The ghost mechanic has potential too. I'm looking forward to the finished thing. :)