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Made during the Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa 2016 for fcastello!
clyde made this game for fcastello who requested:

Swords, dragons, princesses, medieval fantasy stuff in general
Hidden things
Bright vibrant colors and unexpected color combinations
Unlockable content
Blocky pixel graphics or any kind of hand drawn stuff




In Convent:



ambient church noises:


------------Almost used--------------

bulgarian women's choir

Princess Irene Eulogia

Irene's husband John


Anna of Savoy

Dialogue Between an Orthodoc and a Barlaamite

Euthymius of Thessalonia

Hesychast Controversy


Ecumenical Patriarch Photius II Declared Public Anathema on Woman for Entering Mount Athos (1932)
January 31, 2015 ~ scottnevins

Aliki Diplarakou

Mount Athos

For future revisions:

Event Created For: 
Made For: 
An event


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Great work!

I've just finished the game! I loved the art style with all the hand drawn graphics and the fact that it's based on real life facts. I haven't read through all the backstory but it certainly adds to the experience, it's really nice that you took the time to include all the references. The flick-screen system reminds me of the early Legend of Zelda titles of which I am a fan. The music included fits the game very well. Also, this is a very Greek game indeed! Thank you so much!

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One of the advantages of

One of the advantages of listing all those references is that I won't have to find all those links again if I decide to return to this project later. I pretty much just dumped all the links here so I could close all my tabs.

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The scenes when she was at sea were fantastic and tranquil. I especially enjoyed how you used the textures to create the sky and the roiling waters. Well done!

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gorgeous gameplay and

gorgeous gameplay and music.
lovely and fun to play

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Scrolling in browser fixed.

I switched the movement keys to wasd to avoid the browser scrolling problem.

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Just played this again. I

Just played this again.
I still want to do something with it to actually realize the potential of the story and the art. I keep wondering if the navigation in the world is necessary. Sometimes I think it would be good as a simple first-person Unity game with billboarding sprites and sometimes I think it would be best to pare down to a visual-novel. Either way, I'd probably add much more of my own fiction to the characters and scenarios. For instance, I'm thinking of having the player character travel with a party.
One day maybe.

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Played this again because I

Played this again because I played and it reminded me of this game. Gosh the collisions are frustrating, but I love the colors and the story stuff and the large-doll kinda scale. I'm far enough away from making the game that I can really start appreciating it.
Seems like it would take a lot of patience to play this if you don't know where you need to go. Oh well.