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Here you go mutantleg. I hope this is sci-fi enough for you. Enjoy.

Luminoul is a platformer puzzle game. It requires some dexterity and patience where the level design has flaws, but everything is playable and beatable.

I programmed it in Construct 2 in about two weeks after school let out for Christmas break. All the artwork is mine but the music and sound effects aren't.

mutantleg: I feel bad about hardly making anything this year.. but last xmas one went well so i guess i should enter..
For wishlist.. something in a fantasy or sci-fi setting

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Neat! :D (I'm not sure if i

Neat! :D
(I'm not sure if i got the right ending though )

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Did it say "The End"?

Did it say "The End"?

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There is only one ending so

There is only one ending so if you got to it, you finished it.

oh ok, i just thought i need

oh ok, i just thought i need to reveal the garbled message on the first level somehow

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really good! both fun and

really good! both fun and weird! played a few times. didn't win. i'll have to try again. i loved the messages that popped up too. music worked as well. compelling!

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Finding music was one of my favorite parts of making the game. It's really relaxing to just browse the internet for something that fits. :)

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OOOOOOH! Those are some

Those are some clever puzzles! Great atmosphere too. I really liked this one.

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Thanks Alchiggins

I learned a lot about puzzles while making this game. Coming up with a puzzles is a puzzle difficult itself.

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Really good puzzle game you've got here!
The music, art and atmosphere were spot on.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D