Escape from QuackCorp

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Escape from QuackCorp
Game for Son of a Dolphin!

Merry Christmas!

This took longer than I intended and therefor is quite short.

Some backstory:
You play as a nameless potato who managed to escape from the ducks who planned to turn you and your friends into food. As you jump off and flee from the killing floor above, you find yourself in the sewers of the factory...

Hope you enjoy it!

Arrow keys - move
Space - jump


Some minor bugfixes
Proper credits added in sound/music folders
Fixed game icon and game title when playing
Added some more things to "new game+"

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awesome, i loved the

awesome, i loved the squiggly animation for the climbing up the edges, thanks

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That edge climbing animation

That edge climbing animation is super satisfying.

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Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it :)

There's also a little surprise when you beat the game if you're into "behind the scenes" kinda stuff... :)

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This is rad! Love the

This is rad! Love the background art. Leap of fate/wall hugging bit was really cool.

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Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

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I really like the atmosphere

I really like the atmosphere this game had. The music and key sound really matched the visuals. Well done.

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Thank you :)

Thank you :)