Her Universe

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Happy Klickmas, mr._a ! I made a game for you. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Her Universe is a mouse-driven puzzle, where you use trial-and-error to assemble the pieces of a mixed-up story. Lots of audio recordings and a search on YouTube for strange atmospheric sounds made this one a lot of fun to make. I went out of my comfort zone for this one.

mr._a's wishlist included:

i will live forever
the universe makes sense
there is hope
i can hear a body gouging at the wall and shrieking
i hope they bring wine!


in lieu of air, a thick pudding


the comfortable warmth of pissing slowly down one trouser-leg


Some graphics and all event coding by let-off-studios. Voices by let-off-studios and DKA. Other sound effects made with bfxr.

Icons from game-icons.net:

Story content inspired entirely from the Random Creative Idea Generator:

...and from randomly-selected action words at Random Lists:

Radio noise found via YouTube:

Ambient sounds also found on YouTube (and this is fascinating):

Enjoy, and "thank you for play!"

EDIT: Made one small change, and now the game is just a bit easier to finish in one go.

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Made For: 
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Can't wait!

Want to get out from under my own unfinished entry (the bellowing ghosts of klikmas past/present etc) before I play this, but it sounds very palatable indeed! Looking forward to playing!

Hah, a warm reward for

Hah, a warm reward for persistence!

Reminds me of a mix of mastermind & story cubes. Enjoyed the audio approach, mish-mash of moods & concepts.


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You're Welcome :)

Happy to learn that you enjoyed it, mr._a !

Hope you've enjoyed the winter holidays, and that you make it a fantastic New Year. :D

Flurry of smileys

You too! Thanks for organizing this event!

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I really loved this! You did

I really loved this! You did a great job with the interface, with the audio, with the concept and challenge. I didn't beat it, but I'm going to replay again in the future. The mood set up was quite strong. I have a feeling you put quite a bit of time into it, and I like that you used Clickteam. It felt like Her Story or other game that uses previous footage/audio recordings. Mysterious and dark feeling too. Great work.

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Compiler Error

I'd wanted to make one small change to the game, but the compiler is having issues with it for some reason. If I ever have it working correctly I will update the game description with the news.


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Made it through, the reward

Made it through, the reward made it all worth it. Really cool concept, solid aesthetic, great use of sound!

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I enjoy the mechanic because

I enjoy the mechanic because I like testing how coherent the stories are in my mind by hypothesizing about which lines are related. I am wondering why you chose to include the bars of static rather than the strip of the image associated with the unintended story snippet.

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Good Question

I suppose I went with the static-instead-of-pictures because I liked the feel of it - visual static being combined with the radio static and ambient sounds - and I could give clues (the flashes of colour) as opposed to showing the selected image pieces, which I felt was way too easy. I personally like the look of the animated static, too. I think my next shmup project will use the same effect.

The only images shown are the one at the top edge and any that are connected to it. That is, video static is displayed in every section that lacks a story segment that matches the first. The player can use the top edge picture as a guide to what goes with what as they try to piece together the stories, and eventually cross-reference the flashes of colour to go with other tales.