~ Event ideas plonking thread ~

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Plonk your event ideas here so you don't forget them, and we can talk about them!

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I was just thinking about doing a pets event. I didn't find time to make anything for FLATGAME, but I was going to make something about getting my cat, and living with her for her/our first year. Animals are my favourite, and I would love to play more games about animal-x-people relationships :)

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There's still a couple of

There's still a couple of weeks to make a flatgame! I'm still hoping to make one.

I mentioned these in the Discord channel, but some time (maybe this year) I'd like to make events devoted to creating a bunch of custom VVVVVV levels, putting out a flickgame mixtape (flickstape??), and doing another big collaborative Knytt Stories level.

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I thought it was due on the 7th instead of the 27th! Well!

(Yeah, I kinda made this thread because people were talking 'bout event ideas in the Discord)

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It got an unofficial

It got an unofficial extension! ...Who knows what that means.

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I took it to mean I we could

I took it to mean I we could chill out on it and just add some more art-assets for a couple of weeks.

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I like this prompt. I things

I like this prompt. I have things to say about my relationship with my cats.

Binary Choices

I'm thinking about games that offer a series of binary choices: you can choose one or the other, and there's no going back. I imagine a series of possibilities, the lot of which resembles a "tree" that spreads as the number of different alternatives emerges. The player's path resembles a "vine" along this tree, where they can only go forward, not double-backing on their path to see an alternative to a previously-determined choice. The complexity is obscured from the player until the very end, when they see just how drastically different their "end state" is when the game is complete.

Not sure if I'm articulating this very well. My apologies.

Some sort of goal would need to be established, or else it would only be a puzzle or a toy instead of a game.

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Have you played Reigns? It

Have you played Reigns? It doesn't maximise the possibilities of your suggestion in that the consequences of many decisions seem superficial or don't result in a massively divergent storyline, but it's still one of my favourite binary choice games.

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I like this idea. It's hard

I like this idea. It's hard to decide to make wide games without reusing assets because it is so labor intensive for something so short, but an event exclusively for doing it could be fun.
The problem I see with these games is that after the first short playthrough, I find myself just avoiding the choices I made last time. I suppose eliminating any merging of branches would minimize this problem though.
I'm in if it is after January.

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the no pressure appreciation nicejam

i was thinking about an event where you choose a trainwreck you like (or don't) and you make something in response to that, whether that be a sequel or a subversion or a hack or whatever. maybe the response could be in another medium, like comics/zines/stories/etc.

but i don't know! maybe it's too broad.

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As a very respondy person I

As a very respondy person I like this idea :)

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I already want to do this to

I already want to do this to so many games! Maybe this would be the impetus for me to actually do one!

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How about "Pointless Games"?

How about "Pointless Games"? Games where you wander around and do stuff but there's no win or lose condition. Like a playground of sorts.

I recall at some point when I was around 11 I was over at a friend's house and we were making a collection of what we called "pointless games" in Multimedia Fusion. One of them involved the goofy scientist from the MMF graphic libraries throwing globes at goblins to bowl them over, causing them to bounce into the air, scream, and then come back down. One of the goblins just sort of stood around and danced endlessly and, when bowled over, said "I am a dancing dude! Do not hit me!"

Or you could just inflate your jacket and fly over everything.

There was no goal. The goblins couldn't hurt you. Neither could you kill the goblins, just knock them into the air for a bit. Reaching one end of the level would just wrap you to the other end. You could fall into pits but you'd just get repositioned at the start, nothing more.

I want to see more games like that. Examples of ones I've made more recently:


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Kanye west's mom video game

Hey. A long while ago Kanye held a private preview of a trailer of his video game featuring his deceased mom flying in heaven (among other things). Also he is in the news for being an idiot, Trump and being checked into a hospital forceably for mental exhaustion. Time for a Kanye mom heaven game event?

Holy Smokes

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so does that mean you're

so does that mean you're interested?


Guess I can't dodge the question now, eh? :D

It certainly is inspirational source material, and a bit silly. However if you open it up to the public at large there would be a tremendous temptation to lampoon it, and if it does turn out that the guy really is a mental case then it's not very nice.

While making a game for such an event, that would be constantly nagging me, taking away from the experience. Even if I didn't take the bait and was gentle in my interpretation, I'm sure I would still bear witness to some jerk out there who would totally shit all over him and the source material.

Perhaps I'm being gentler than warranted because I barely know anything about Kanye. But that's my take on it, at least at this point. Sorry for being such a party pooper.

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interesting. i'm actually a

interesting. i'm actually a fan of his music but not of him personally (i guess i feel similarly about a lot of musicians actually). but since he seems to be a public figure who seems to crave public attention at any cost, I don't feel like creating this game (which could be done genuinely, facetiously, or any other way) could do much beyond his own actions to bring ridicule.

i was also thinking about this album, a version of Kanye's last album made by someone who gathered the song titles and some of the samples mentioned on the album but never listened to the actual album and made his own fake version. http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/30633/1/a-japanese-producer-remade-the-life-of-pablo-without-hearing

if anyone else has any thoughts, i'd love to hear them.

I like all of the other previously-stated event concepts though too!

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Shared game assets event

I have an idea for an event. It would happen in two stages. A couple of weeks during which people submit resources - images, sounds, 3d models, etc. Then a few weeks during which everyone makes a game using just those resources. Could include some further rules if you wanted - e.g. a game must use everything or a game must use exactly 10 of the submitted resources.

Not sure if this has been done here before. Thoughts?

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I don't think it's been done

I don't think it's been done here, but this was the idea behind the TIGSource Assemblee Competition.

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TBH I think the "Swapsies"

TBH I think the "Swapsies" concept has a lot of potential in it, but after Puzzleswaps I don't want to try doing it again because it could be seen as trying to force a trend.

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Ah TIGSource Assemblee - I

Ah TIGSource Assemblee - I knew it had been done before somewhere but I couldn't remember where. I just thought that GT's rather ... erm ... unconventionally creative folks might generate some resources that would provide an interesting challenge. I suppose what got me thinking of it was having participated in TEN GLORIOUS YEARS OF GAMES: Klik of the Month Klub #104 - I made a game very quickly using images taken almost at random from Pixabay. Trying to make something that makes some sort of sense out of disparate materials was an interesting process.

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Music-making event

Have we ever had a music-making event?

Every now-and-then I think it'd be fun to join/start a GT-like place for music, but no reason we can't just do that here right?