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Halloween is almost here, and Greg and Dylan are no strangers to a good spook.

Of course, things aren't as it seems and soon enough everything you know goes downhill.

Will you play the game? Will you experience the shortness and the mini-gameness of it all?

Because Viewer Beware, we're all in for a scare.

Some music has been kindly provided by Protohm Dweller. He assisted me on Hungry Man as well.

Watch out, there's some swears and questionable dialog. It's bad.

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Mini Games = Fun

The first-person stage had some fantastic visuals. How did you make those happen?

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Thank you!

The first person visuals were made by using a render texture in Unity and then compressing the image down. Then I applied that image to a canvas so it's displayed on screen (which makes everything pixelated). I also used some post processing effects shaders (like bloom and I think color grading) to spice it up.

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I really liked the

I really liked the randomized, numbered & named color palettes. They gave a really funny sort of collective, completionist feel to what would otherwise be a super short game.

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Thank you!

Thank you! It means a lot to me.
I originally had a far larger idea for Hematoclites to make it far longer, but as time went on I ran out of time and I decided to get it done so I could focus on other things.

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What was the far larger idea?

What was the far larger idea?

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The backstory of this game

Hematoclites' plot was originally going to be about alien contact and the ethics and morality behind treating them as citizens. The original plan had actual minigames and other characters in mind as well.

Unfortunately, this game was only being developed on Sundays (a bit of a complicated explanation for this one, so I will not attempt to explain) so about three weeks in, I decided to rush and finish the game quickly as it was starting to get on my nerves a little bit. The actual work time for it was basically three sundays.

In retrospect, I regret having rushed it. It had potential to become something alright if I took the time with it.
The game's current plot makes no sense, and my friend and I intend to resurrect this game in Hematoclites 2 and give it a proper story and more characters.

Now then, the actual plot of this game.

The current plot is that the virus mentioned in game (Hematoclites) is completely fake, and it was created during a prank show by Greg to scare Dylan.

there better not be any

there better not be any jumpscares in this or ill sue

quality game, i really like

quality game, i really like the color palette swaps

hahaha this was amazing i

hahaha this was amazing
i like switching color palettes, especially with the names spelled out like that.
the tone of the dialogue feels like it treads a satisfying line between coherent and absurd