I wiLL nevEr StaY Up lA TE eVer AgAIN

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the animation is good. also

the animation is good. also i like that it loops, because you know that of course you will stay up late again

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ohhhh man i didn't think of

ohhhh man i didn't think of that last bit (i was just looping out of habit, as it has been something i've seen a lot in these sorts of things), but i really really like that interpretation because it's completely true (3 AM as i'm writing this after spending a bunch of time making some silly house type song)

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The persistence of time is strange, only when we want it to pass quickly does it seem to crawl along. And only when we don't have it in mind at all does it race by. Along with that, ingrained habits enable us to ignore time and how it ravages us. I know I'm not alone in playing "just one more level" or lingering to "fix that one thing" and "make it just right" only to have hours pass by unknown until I glance up to catch my breath, or blink, and the sun will be up in a few more hours. Finally collapsing into sleep (whenever it's managed) allows you to conveniently forget how draining the process was, and all you do is fixate on how you finally finished that project or solved that puzzle.

Even staying up late to play videogames can be debilitating, even though it's an activity we're conditioned to execute for our own entertainment and diversion. Sleep would work just as well most of the time, wouldn't it?

Flickgame as a medium is deceptively creative. Repeating panels are a technique that's being perfected every time I see it happen, and this is no exception to that process. The expressionistic "hair blooms" at the end (?) seem to be the only natural conclusion to such a personal - but bizarre - piece.

Thanks for adding this to this slice of life Event, Son. :)

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3 quarks for muster mark!

3 quarks for muster mark!

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Animation tag

Adding the animation tag to the end of this flickgame's URL makes it even more fun to watch.



...to the URL and see what happens when you run it. :)