Does anyone post here still?

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Is this place dead?

Because I used to use KnP when I was 10 or so, and I'd love to get back in on it.

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Nope, not dead! New, in

Nope, not dead!

New, in fact.

Small little group.

Tomorrow (Saturday) evening is our big online get-together! Read the FAQs (click on Wiki on the sidebar for some links) and see if you can join us in a 2 hour jam...

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Seeing as 4PM Pacific

Seeing as 4PM Pacific Standard Time is Midnight over here (unless I fail at working at time zones), I think it could be hard to do this.

Or it's just make whatever I make better if I'm making it at midnight.

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at midnight... and while

at midnight... and while drinkin! If you swing that way, that is.

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Welcome! I'm afraid we've

I'm afraid we've got a number of prolific Australians who would complain if we moved it any earlier. You are, of course, welcome to show up early on IRC, where people may already be hanging out. You're also welcome to make stuff outside of the Klik of the Month Klub and post it to your Official Glorious Trainwrecks Brand Bliggity-Blog. Whatever gets you making stuff!