Literal Anatomy Park Jam

Mon, Feb 20 2017 11:39 PM
02/20/2017 - 23:39
03/06/2017 - 23:39

Bodies freak me out. It's just a thing. I've been afraid of bodies, organs, etc. ever since I was a child and had to participate in a mandatory health course at school which took place in a cramped, dark van covered in posters of diseased organs, anthropomorphised body parts and this atrocity:

Guess what, that digestive tract lit up.

Unfortunately, there are few games that really exploit my fear and I'm no dev myself, so I'm calling upon you guys to make my life really horrible.

The prompt: an educational trip inside an organ or system where the enemy is not meant to be there. Perhaps you can take inspiration from a certain Rick and Morty episode, or perhaps even a toyline I enjoyed/hated when I was very very young:

It can be 3D, 2D, a platformer, anything. While I say enemy, combat with the player isn't necessary -- you can get away with the assault being on the environment itself via some depiction or representation of a disease or parasite. Every entry will have my fullest attention and will receive a dedicated review...and my HATRED.

I hope you guys consider entering!

Games made for Literal Anatomy Park Jam


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This is a neat prompt.

This is a neat prompt.

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I love bodies. I love this.

I love bodies. I love this. I will like all these games.

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Also I really want to write

Also I really want to write a little guide for you (jsut chucking free models in Unity) so you can disconcert yourself :)

That would be great, I'd

That would be great, I'd love to create something when I have the time but I'm certainly no programmer. I have a bit of RM2k3 experience but that was a long time ago...that's about it. Also I hadn't played either of those games, they were before my time (I'm about the same age as the SNES/n64) so I never got to hear about them. I'll see if I can emulate them easily enough!

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Game recs.

Also, have you played the games Microsurgeon and Bio-Attack? They're both set in bodies.

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Very interesting!

I'm definitely interested in this prompt. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can get my current project done in time to join just yet.

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I remember BODY WARS. Mighty

I remember BODY WARS. Mighty Max blew that shit out of the water.

Ha yeah I had those too.

Ha yeah I had those too. Apparently the one I liked/hated the most - the zombie/mummy's hand - is worth a couple hundred dollars in good condition these days!

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