Weird Games feat. Glorious Trainwrecks

Part 1

Hope you guys enjoyed. I'm going to do it in parts 'cuz some of your games were a little longer and probably needed a whole video to themselves to do them justice. I'll upload and post them all here in the coming weeks.

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Minor annoyance

It says it's private for me. That's plain weird considering you shared the link with us..

Though if this video doesn't contain the Sword of Cobalt series, I personally recommend it (even if it's not that weird). It's based around the old school Final Fantasy games and it has a nice storyline of all things. It was made somewhere in the mid 90's using Klik & Play made by Europress Software

For better context, here are videos that show gameplay of each SoC game (there's only an estimate of two in the series):

Download links:

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clarify: "anyone with the

clarify: "anyone with the link can view" = "unlisted" option on youtube.
"private" is actually a stronger setting where people other than the uploader themself cannot view even if they have the link.
Many people often seem to confuse the two, though. Probably want to change the setting to "unlisted" if that was your intent :)