Smiley Island

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SMILEY ISLAND is VAPORWARE. Please share it with your friends! It was developed from scratch in Klik & Play during the late 90s and has been resurrected. This is not your run of the mill platform game! Smiley is based on Pac-Land and Super ZZT Land among others. Features include parallax scrolling frontwards and backwards, elegant collision detection, re-purposed arcade-style graphics and a full size course with room to spare! The project aims to push KNP's limits with only minor adjustments in Fusion for the WIN32 and HTML5 builds. Support the development of this game by donating.

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Pretty cool! I did notice

Pretty cool! I did notice there's a rectangular region in the clouds that's a slightly different shade of white, so that might be worth fixing.


Better patch that up, thanks!

I noticed blacks aren't black either. But aside from that, KNP is pretty capable.

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I love how your coin system

I love how your coin system uses standard currency and the penny sound is perfect.
I also enjoy how the static blocks serve an additional purpose by randomly generating gibberish.

always used pennies with

always used pennies with that effect since the early demos.
those blocks were fun to make. :)

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Hey, this is really neat. I

Hey, this is really neat. I love how it looks. The foreground parallax scrolling is really neat.

Are there any controls I'm missing here? It's just moving and jumping, right?

Totes agree with ghettowreath. The alphabet blocks are a very nice touch.

Cool, yeah your standard one

Cool, yeah your standard one button control scheme.
this old 486 can handle the parallax without too much effort.