Chaos Butterfly 9000

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A marker game inspired by Pamela's Adventures in DreamLand.

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An event


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You did a great job of

You did a great job of emulating the sort of feel of Stephen(of thecatamites variety)'s marker games.
One of these days it'd be cool if everyone on GT banded together to make a sort of community version of Stephen's 50 short games collection.
Not sure how he'd feel about that though.

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I will participate in this

I will participate in this event.

My fault!

If only I hadn't flitted my wings that one time, all this wouldn't have happened.

But at least there's solace in the fact that this is but a blip in history.


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I like how the The Butterfly

I like how the The Butterfly Effect seems so knowing but then when expressed in a game it becomes so overwhelming that any sense of knowledge is washed away.
I feel that The Trolley Problem does something similar by taking a pop-philosophy thought-experiment and making it feel so generally useless by expressing it in game-form.

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I didn't quite finish

I didn't quite finish reading the first message I saw before moving, and I spent a frantic moment trying to find the *exact* point where I was before so the world could proceed along its fixed course. So, that was kind of a perfect moment that really sold me on this one. Great game.

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was gonna write this is like

was gonna write this is like the catamites but it seems i aint the only one to see.
very good job!