PileMaker 3D

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Make a pile in 3D!


Gorgeous 3D graphics.
Realistic physics.
Adaptable difficulty -- you decide when you're done.
Hardcore difficulty -- it takes time and dedication to make the largest pile.
Make a pile in 3D.
Express yourself by choosing your own music to jam to -- the game does not impose its own music on you.
Express yourself by making your own sound effects while playing.
Simple controls -- anyone can play.
80+ hours of gameplay.
Infinite replay value -- no two piles are exactly the same.


Press the left, down, and right arrows to make cubes.

(Alternately, press A, S, or D.)

- Meshes and physics included in Unity.
- Color shaders are from "Colr," from the Unity Asset Store.

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Protohm Johnny's picture

I'm the pile maker. I make

I'm the pile maker.

I make the piles.

On another note, the color scheme is cool.

denson's picture

nice one

nice one

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clyde's picture

I miss the audio. I want to

I miss the audio. I want to know what this sounds like.

Otherwise, I enjoy the happenstance placement of the visual elements. Each one feels like it has purpose and was placed carefully, but the UI seems to lack an overall invisibility (like how people say that things you don't notice are the ones that are well designed). I enjoy that sense of raw utility. I also appreciate the confusion of one button firing two nodes rather than ascribing a button to each. it creates an asymmetry that gives the entire thing some kick.