Clown Therapy for Idle Hands

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"Look at the clown. See all that he has lost. Never forget, clowns are smiling on the outside, screaming on the inside" - Bozo the Clown


Made in 2 hours for the speed maniac challenge.

Don't look at this game as a serious submission, it's a joke for a friend.

If you like clowns, play this.

If you hate clowns, play this.

If you are indifferent to clowns, play it anyway to show the other two groups that they are irrational.

Thank you.

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Download Problem

I'm attempting to download from the site, but it seems to be stuck on the "Loading" prompt.

Is the download still available?

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It should be, aw

It should be, aw crap...
I'll put a dropbox link on here in a second
Sorry about that

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The skybox and wind in the

The skybox and wind in the audio and the lack of passion in the intonation of "Look at the clown". Make it feel like a local fair-stand or corn-maze. I like that fund-raiser game feeling. The clean simplicity of the maze's assembly and repeating stock images bring the internet aspects in so the combination feels odd and authentic. Some sort of 4-H internet carnival game.

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Yeah, I see what you're

Yeah, I see what you're saying. It's funny, this all started as a really dumb joke from a quote my friends kept making on our voice chats, then the actual source was linked and I was all "well, it's Sunday. And I haven't done proc-gen in a bit. Time to make it happen." So I sat down for a little bit and kind of threw together this clown maze generator system. It was fun to make.

As for the actual body of your comment, I definitely see the sort of vibe you're getting from this. It's that unsettling feeling of "the carnies are watching" whenever you walk past their boothes and they're looking at you and smiling, desperately trying to get you to play one of their games. It doesn't help the fair we have at our County is kind of ominous, being a backwoods sort of thing.