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You are bicycling home. It is late at night.

You check the weather report. Chance of precipitation: 100%.

This is no ordinary rain.

Happy Birthday, GT! :D

Press the ENTER, SPACE, CTRL, or SHIFT key to begin the game while PLAY is highlighted on the title screen.

->Move your bicyclist with the ARROW KEYS.
->Shoot flaming arrows with SHIFT.
->Toss bombs with CTRL.

Making an attack takes away a certain amount of energy. The bad news is if you run out of energy then you lose. The good news is your energy will slowly replenish as you ride.

You can win the game by defeating the evil cloud or by bicycling all the way home. You can lose the game by running out of energy or if too many spiders make it past you.


Event structure by let-off studios. Sprites mostly by Clickteam. Sounds by clickteam or made by let-off studios in BFXR. Background music by Play-On-Loop. I was inspired completely by the Random Creative Idea Generator to make and name this game. All resources linked on the game's "About" frame. If you would like to see the source MFA file, just let me know.

EDIT: Disabled one of my debugging events that would cause the spider counter to go up unbidden. You shouldn't die so quickly from spiders now.

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An event


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I love the 'close call'

I love the 'close call' scoring mechanic. I ran out of energy on my first lengthy attempt, but I think I understand enough to make it to the end next time!

I like the multiple end-conditions

I like the multiple end-conditions; they're just enough to keep things things interesting without becoming overly complex / chaotic with the pacing of the challenges, and they're different enough to encourage a second play-through after the first win.

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Scoring Mechanics

I'm glad to see you all picked up on those slight differences/"features." I'm experimenting more with tabletop games these days, but I am trying to implement what I've learned in that hobby to augment the short video game projects I make as my experience grows. These different scoring mechanics and end conditions are part of that.

Have fun with it, folks! :D

I was wondering if that

I was wondering if that might be the case. It feels like there’s an explosion of lovely game design ideas in tabletop games, but surprisingly little cross-pollination yet.

Are there any games you’d recommend?

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Any games, genres, or themes that you are seeking in particular?

For me personally, I try to find accessible games that I can play along with my family or coworkers. Some of my favourites (in no particular order) include:
- Sushi Go! (excellent intro to card-drafting games)
- Machi Koro (accessible dice-driven, deck-building game)
- Incan Gold (incredibly fun bluffing and nerve-wracking push-your-luck card game with tons of drama)
- Take it Easy (though this one isn't easy to find... Kind of like Bingo meets Tetris, very cool)
- Phase 10 (my mother's favourite, or at least in her top 5)
- Dominion (the mother of all deck-building games)
- Splendor (contemporary strategy)
- Forbidden Desert (elegant and family friendly co-op adventure game)
- Backgammon (still pretty great, believe it or not)
- Telestrations (I enjoy the "After Dark Edition" version with friends)
- Agricola (upgrading to a stone hut while collecting reeds and fish never seemed so incredibly awesome)

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I wasn't fast enough to stop

I wasn't fast enough to stop the spide rain, I'm sorry world.

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I just finished playing this

I just finished playing this to try to get all the different endings! I love this game. All the modified klipart is so, so good. There's so much going on in this game!! Thanks for submitting it to my event :)