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like pac guy this was going to be part of a minigame arcade thing in a bigger game I was making, but I gave up on it for now. this is like crazy eights if you ever played it but instead of 8 the wild card is 2. also the suits and numbers are a bit different (the numbers are ancient somali runes foiund in caves), it says the numbers underneath so you know. the hat joker guy (there is no joker card) will say random quips so to keep you engaged. this was made in game maker 8

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An event


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I lost, and then I drew, and

I lost, and then I drew, and then I won. I guess this means I have the hat, which might make purgatory slightly more bearable.

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I'm in purgatory now, but I

I'm in purgatory now, but I like your aesthetic a lot.