You're a Cool Dinosaur!

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Dodge the obstacles and enemies but don't lose your cool!

Kreated with Klipart!

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An event


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Really enjoy the dynamic

Really enjoy the dynamic soundtrack! 81063 seems to be as cool as I can be.

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I forgot to record my

I forgot to record my highest coolness score. I got to be pretty cool there on my last run, if I do say so myself.

I love the way it feels to play this. The interaction between effects and systems is really neato. I love that you stop getting coolness points when you stop being cool, because of course you do.

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The movement being tied to

The movement being tied to music playback is fun! The sweat drops that shoot off the dinosaur are also Very Good.

also: im cool

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Incrementally cooler

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God I love the music

God I love the music changing with the movement, that's honestly like one of my favourite jokes. The moment I saw you use that *really* obscure blue spinny thingy I laughed pretty hard! (I remember my own use of it for a side quest reward in Bride of the Gator, and even then I found it very strange).

This game is so tight with how moving fast makes enemies swarm onto the screen... even though I wanna move fast to hear the funny music speed changes!!

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Spinny was one of the first

Spinny was one of the first graphics I used in Klik & Play - the game was a two player versus game where Skate Dude from Toyland used platform movement and had to avoid the Spinny, which was controlled by player 2 and had free movement.

Anyway this was in the heavily limited demo version of Klik & Play, which had very cut down graphic libraries (I think literally only four of the libraries, and even those had some graphics removed). Spinny was one of those graphics included so it kinda has a special place to me.

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Oh wow I didn't know Spinny

Oh wow I didn't know Spinny was that old!! I'm glad to hear they have such a history for you. Spinny rules!!

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no *you're* a cool dinosaur

i like this game a lot! it's a good laugh, the text effects are rather mesmerizing, and as nikki said it's got great sound design. i enjoy the game of chicken that ensues in the opening moments, when i try to go as long as possible without touching the keys.

one tidbit: i thought the clouds with faces were hazards at first.

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this is so freaking cool

this is so freaking cool