Super Froggo Jump

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Help Froggo get to the delicious cake.

Happy anniversary! <3

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I haven't even finished this

I haven't even finished this game but 1) it's so good! and 2) despite the very pleasant music, this feels like a highly calculated game of being mean to the player. I was happy getting all the bananas until I got to level 9, and immediately realized that if I missed the banana the only way to try again would be to restart the entire game over... I failed that, decided to just finish the game normally, and the start of level 10 is *so hard* I had to come here to talk about to chill out for a moment!

Also, I love that you used the blue spinny thingies as the main obstacle. I was just telling Danni how much I liked their slight usage of that klipart in their most recent game, since it seemed so obscure. Then it's like, bam! 500 of them at once!

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Oh um... if I alt tab out of

Oh um... if I alt tab out of the game, and come back, I'm stuck until I restart the game D: I don't know what's going on, but every time I press space the frog shifts a little and the level restarts. Pressing alt or tab again doesn't fix it :s It seems to be an input capture bug related more to Clickteam than anything else, but losing all progress sucks...

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finally replayed this and

finally replayed this and finished it!! delightful game. it became easier when I realized that each new leap resets momentum entirely, which is a bit unintuitive. I think it works well though because it means you can set up any angle you need and not worry about it!

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this was really fun! it's a

this was really fun! it's a very hard and unforgiving mechanic, but you did a good job making it feel relatively consistent and understandable.

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"you can jump again mid-air as long as you have strawberries"

"you can jump again mid-air as long as you have strawberries" is a beautiful quote.

This is really cool! And I'm awful at it!

Really neat mechanic, and I love that you so quickly hit us with stuff that looks almost impossible but becomes the basic stuff of later levels.

I was super curious about what the cat would do. I'm glad the cat's my friend.