Forest Egg

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Seeing how egglikes use pre-existing, flat image assets was inspiring, so I thought I'd try it out with some images i've been collecting on tumblr. just a neat little atmosphere game.

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marek you've done it once

marek you've done it once again i'm so proud of you nice vibe chill egglike pretty flowers garden walking simulator but with some scary monsters

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this has got a nice

this has got a nice abandoned second life server feel to it

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I'm glad you had an

I'm glad you had an opportunity to gather these images/sounds and put them in this place. I enjoyed examining the themeing.
I also think this game does some neat things with combining 2D images with models. It is neat how the model of a column is placed in the spot that the image of a room suggests a column would be; there seem to be a couple of examples of this and I like how it creates a sense of dimensional/format thresholds.
Great trees.

I thought this was gorgeous,

I thought this was gorgeous, thank you! I had a dream once, that didn't look anything like this. But it had 3D meshes mixed with flat images, kind of glitchy. Cool to see something way better than my dream actually exists. I like the themes and the different areas, especially the church.


The real world needs more long staircases like you've fashioned here.

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This game has stuck with me

This game has stuck with me in a way I didn't expect it to. The proportions and size of the space and the divisions within tbe space are so appealing to me that I think about it every once in a while.

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It's currently #5 on my 2017 GOTY list, which is... surprisingly high.

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Is there a way to get to

Is there a way to get to that floating area outside the map? I'm trying right now and I can't get there!

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There's a portal to access it somewhere in the game.

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It really gave me a The

It really gave me a The Witness vibe, or at least the exploration part of The Witness. I was definitely sold after I stumbled upon the portal to that other room.