Flyin Wif Fweinds

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Game File (Mac): 

Fly with your friends around a neon colored island in the middle of some kind of void. The other planes try to follow you and maybe if you slow up they'll catch up.

This is the first game I've released in some months.


W - add thrust
S - Remove Thrust

Mouse Up/down - Pitch up/down
Mouse left/right - Roll left/right

now with a windows build

Made For: 
An event


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This is awesome! I love the

This is awesome! I love the colors and the sounds and your flying friends. I wish the world was a little bigger though, I had to turn around every 2 seconds to avoid flying off into the void.

I was at a bookstore today and I passed over a book on making little papercraft dolls. I was looking for books that would be good for game dev and the designs were neat, but I was skeptical that they would translate into videogame super well, but the planes you have here are amazing.

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I played with a friend and

I played with a friend and we spent a lot of time frantically searching for that tiny island, with only a vague sense of whether our plane was upside-down or not. I eventually came to regard "the world" as just a take-off / landing strip, with "the void" as the main space for gameplay, with fweinds' planes flying around to keep things interesting.

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love the plane 3d model :D

love the plane 3d model :D

synergy equation component observations

This is curiously pleasurable. Here are my synergy equation component observations:
- The colors are warm and unreal.
- The plane model quickly impresses a particular meaning of “play.”
- The exact number of fellow planes is friendly, anti-lonely; their clumsy unsynchronized struggles at flight are nonthreatening, charming.
- Water is relaxing.
- Flying is fun.

In sum:

endorphins so hard the head slightly rattles?

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this game is really lovely

this game is really lovely :)

The first time I played it, I didn't notice that another plane was flying around. It really surprised me when I saw a fellow plane in the air! I ended up playing this for a lot longer than I thought I would.
To me, this game is one of those things that are like a shower... you keep the hands busy and let the mind wander. I probably played so much of it because I ended up daydreaming about other stuff.